Importing Gen Z: A new wave of challenges and opportunities for study abroad


This e-poster explores the trends that Australian higher education providers are experiencing as Millennials reach graduation and Generation Z comes of age and arrives on our campuses. The focus is on inbound study abroad and exchange students (primarily from the US). The session will look first at similarities between the two generations and also identify key differences that define this faster moving, increasingly assertive, tech savvy, money-conscious generation of higher education consumers.

The e-poster session will explore how the industry can better reach out and engage with these students and, more importantly, how we can effectively and comprehensively support them once they arrive on-campus via a range of student support services.

Learning objectives:

Attendees will:

* understand and identify the similarities and key differences between Millennials and Gen Z
* realise the importance of engaging with Gen Z effectively and comprehensively 
* learn best practices in supporting Gen Z to transition and thrive while on campus.

Key interest area: Mobility and learning abroad (MOB) 
Other key interest areas: Higher Education (HE), Learning and teaching (L&T), Students (STU) 

Ms Jessica Davis

Study Abroad Coordinator

University of Sydney

Jessica Davis plays a key role in partner liaison and management and develops new and custom inbound programs in response to identified market trends and partner needs.
Before starting with The University of Sydney, Jessica worked for UNESCO, coordinating an education-focused aid program in Southern Africa. Jessica has also worked within the international teams of TAFE Directors Australia and the Australian Government Department of Education.