Opportunities and challenges: Examining Queensland’s state model for transnational school engagement


The Queensland Department of Education International (DEi) oversees a range of transnational education projects including delivery of Queensland curriculum to offshore schools in Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East.

This e-poster will examine DEi’s current model for engagement, certification and ongoing support of Queensland Recognised Schools offshore. This includes processes such as: due diligence, curriculum internationalisation, staff recruitment and development, standards for assessment, quality assurance, school improvement, and how these come together to empower staff (through professional development) and students (through increased global outlook and access to higher education pathways in Australia and abroad).

The latest DEi data will also be examined, including student matriculation to Australia post-graduation and possible flow-on economic and societal benefits. The e-poster will also cover how improved collection and sharing of such data across states and organisations could further raise Australia’s profile in the sector.

Take-home message:

This e-poster session will present a valuable opportunity for DEi to share, discuss and answer questions about processes for offshore engagement in the schools sector, with a view to informing best practice, identifying challenges and future opportunities, and further empowering like-minded organisations, educators and students to maximise global educational outcomes.

In 2016, IEAA’s Transnational Education and the Australian Schools Sector report identified a need for “state/territory cooperation” and “improved transparency and greater access to data to promote best TNE school practice at both state and federal levels”. It is hoped that this presentation encourages further movement towards transparency and cooperation, and assists with the identification of challenges and opportunities for improvement across the Australian transnational school sector, as well as transnational education as a whole.

Key interest area: Schools (SCH) 
Other key interest areas: Business development and strategy (BD&S), Learning and teaching (L&T), Pathways (PATH), Transnational education (TNE) 

Mrs Jacinta Webb

Director Business Improvement

Queensland Department of Education International

Jacinta Webb is a passionate educator with 30 years of experience working across a range of local, national and international education contexts including IB, early childhood, junior, middle and senior schools, VET and higher education. She has extensive leadership experience, having worked in various education institutions onshore and offshore, and has held senior executive positions on the boards of state, national and international professional associations. Jacinta has worked in international education business development for several years, having led a range of transnational programs including commercial and aid and development projects across Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. In her present role, Jacinta is helping schools, communities and clients embrace diversity in a challenging sociocultural and political environment to ensure real global engagement now and in the future. She has been instrumental in the setting up of the department’s Queensland Recognised Schools around the world and the successful delivery of the Queensland curriculum to offshore students. Jacinta has developed and facilitated many learning and development opportunities for staff onshore and offshore, including mentoring and coaching, establishment of communities of practice to enhance cultural competence, and the incorporation of international and intercultural perspectives across the curriculum.