Empowering a growing generation of international students in the Australian workforce


Double-digit growth in international student numbers is injecting many more potential workers into the Australian labour market. This increasing supply of students raises questions regarding the likelihood of growing exploitation of this worker cohort. The Victorian Government has invested in a suite of programs to build industry engagement with international students and is taking a leadership role in protecting student workers through the International Student Work Rights Legal Service. This service has opened almost 180 cases and recovered more than $200,000 for student workers. The Victorian Government, like other states, is extending its track record in providing career readiness for international students.

This e-poster presentation will be a case study of how governments, education providers, community legal centres and student associations can work in partnership to maintain working standards for students and improve the return on investment for students in building career readiness.

Take-home message:

* Partnerships between government, education providers, states and importantly, those ‘outside the tent’, such as community legal centres, are critical to improving student work experiences.

* Empowering students and student associations is also critical.

* Growing student numbers has important effects on other parts of the economy, such as the labour market. What is our responsibility in the international education sector to respond to these shifts?

Key interest area: Employability (EMP) 
Other key interest areas: Government (GOV),Students (STU)

Mrs Diana Crvenkovic

Manager, Student Initiatives

Study Melbourne

Diana Crvenkovic is responsible for overseeing the Victorian Government’s delivery of student experience investments. These include the Study Melbourne Student Centre, the Study Melbourne Internship Program, the Victorian International Education Awards, the Victoria India Doctoral Scholarships and Victorian International Research Scholarships, as well as the recently announced International Student Welfare Grants. She has worked in the Victorian Public Service for the past eight years in roles supporting the design, biotechnology and now international education sectors. Diana holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Public Policy and Management and is completing the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s Executive Masters of Public Administration.