Bridging the gaps - revolutionising orientation and marketing through technology


Reliance on the traditional mediums of communication may result in gaps in knowledge and expectations in addition to existing physical distance. Using mobile apps to connect to students can help to educate and bridge gaps in knowledge, expectations and accessibility and enable them to be better prepared for their journey. This also allows parents to feel more confident during their child’s transition.

Virtual reality technology offers a unique opportunity to bridge knowledge gaps by allowing stakeholders to feel a simulated version of a student’s living and studying environments. It also engages stakeholders in their own environment, bridging the gap in distance. This is a useful complement to marketing and student recruitment strategies.

This e-poster presentation will look at the research and methodologies applied in the development and implementation of two pre-departure and virtual reality applications created to enhance the student experience.

Learning objectives:

Delegates attending this session will be exposed to new applications of technology in the sector and have a clearer understanding of how these can assist their marketing, recruitment and orientation strategies. 

Key interest area: Marketing and recruitment (M&R) 
Other key interest areas: Students (STU)

Mr Milton Wan

DE International – NSW Department of Education

Milton Wan has been working in the international student sector since 2000. He began at the Northern Sydney Institute TAFE English Language Centre before moving to the NSW Department of Education. Milton has managed the admissions, marketing and compliance areas for NSW government schools and TAFE NSW and is heading the admissions area for NSW government schools in DE International.