Empowering our staff and education agents through sharing effective, engaging training techniques


Trying to engage and inspire 30 jet-lagged, yawning Russian education agents with limited English on day two of a familiarisation tour sharing the wonders of your university can be extremely challenging. Getting the dreaded morning training timeslot for agents, dusty from the previous evening’s events, or a group simply too shy to talk in front of their peers for fear of losing face sounds like teaching ESL again.

Tapping into the insights of our learning and development staff, education teams, and marketing and sales staff can access some great techniques and latest technologies to ensure we are creating innovative, engaging and memorable training and events.

This e-poster presentation will share and demonstrate two easy-to-use (and free) presentation software tools, Mentimeter and Kahoot. Attendees will use their own mobile devices to take part and ideally create their own short quiz in groups.

Learning objectives:

Through this e-poster, attendees should be:

* able to recognise the value of engaging the audience by using interactive techniques as part of their presentations

* be aware of the different implementations of the presentation software Mentimeter and Kahoot, including how to elicit feedback from their audience using work cloud and voting functions.

* able to demonstrate how to create a short pop quiz.

Key interest area: Marketing and recruitment (M&R) 
Other key interest areas: Learning and teaching (L&T), Professional development (PD)

Ms Fiona Davidson

Marketing Manager Channel Partner Engagement

UTS Insearch

A creative, hardworking and driven marketing professional, Fiona Davidson has more than 13 years’ experience working in the education industry. Initially, Fiona was an ESL teacher who moved to student recruitment. For the past 10 years she has been developing and implementing results-focused marketing, communication and brand strategies specialising in international education, as well as domestic B2C and B2B. Passionate about the education industry, Fiona is an avid learner who is strongly committed to continuous learning and development. Her current passion project is tapping into the talent of the educational teams and the Learning and Development staff at UTS Insearch to develop innovative and engaging sales and marketing training and workshops, facilitating productive brainstorming sessions and sharing these techniques with fellow staff.