TNE and academic job satisfaction


Ensuring academics are positively engaged with TNE is a challenging but necessary issue, particularly if we want to mitigate some of the risks inherent in this form of educational delivery. This poster will report on a research project that examined the relationship between academics’ job satisfaction and their participation in TNE teaching. It explored the perspectives of academics at the home campus and TNE locations.

Learning objectives:

This poster provide an understanding of the relationship between TNE academic work and the job satisfaction of those academics involved.

Take-home message: The way in which TNE academic work is designed is important in terms of academic job satisfaction.

Key interest area: Transnational education (TNE) 

Danny Toohey , Murdoch University, Australia

Lecturer, School of Engineering and Information Technology

Murdoch University

Danny Toohey lectures in Information Technology at Murdoch University in the areas of business intelligence and database design. He has been involved in TNE since 2000 and is currently the Academic Chair of the TNE Programs in the School of Engineering and IT. His recent research has focused on learning analytics and the job satisfaction of academics involved in TNE.