Mobility (VET): from Dubbo to Wuxi and in-between


This poster will provide an overview of how TAFE NSW runs its outbound mobility study tours. The poster will include case studies of two mobility tour groups: Children’s Services students travelling from Dubbo to Wuxi, China, and Northern Sydney Tourism and Events students travelling to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. The poster will focus on the importance of strong risk management processes and give examples of good practice in risk mitigation while achieving learning and work outcomes for participating students.

Learning objectives:

Attendees will:

* learn about the importance of overseas study tours for VET students.

* gain an understanding of the importance of strong risk management processes

* see how participating students can achieve great learning and work outcomes.

Take-home message:

Mobility study tours for VET students can be inspiring and are totally doable with good risk mitigation strategies in place

Key interest area: Vocational education and training (VET)
Other key interest areas: Mobility (MOB)


Mrs Jacqueline Anderson
International Project Officer, TAFE NSW, Australia

Jacqueline Anderson develops and coordinates projects and maintains and strengthens compliance systems for TAFE NSW Northern Sydney’s offshore partner colleges in China. Jacqueline has an additional role as Project Officer Mobility Programs, where she is responsible for managing all aspects of the TAFE NSW Northern Sydney outbound mobility programs, providing students with opportunities to travel and study internationally and to improve employment outcomes.

Ms Amber Mastrangeli & Mrs Jacqueline Anderson


Amber Mastrangeli is project manager of commercial contracts and delivery of international projects for TAFE NSW West Region. She helps to lead TAFE NSW to deliver quality educational services to international clients across Asia, contributing to the global reach of Australian education and building economic growth from international activities. As Project Manager for the West Region Outbound Mobility Program, she helps to provide international study opportunities in Asia for West Region TAFE NSW students to enhance their satisfaction, academic success and career.